True Athletic Potential

"Julianne came to speak to my organization on a Friday night.  The girls  had a big tournament beginning the following day.  She (Julianne) discussed the mental components of performance and sports nutrition.  My team proceeded to go 4-0 that weekend with great enthusiasm and team effort.  My athletes and their parents were unanimously thrilled with the experience."            

-Danny Gomez, owner of the Mustangs

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Why would I want a pitcher speaking to my organization?

There is no position in sports that is more mentally or physically demanding than that of a pitcher.  All eyes are on you at all times.  The fate of the game rests in your hands.  You need to understand how to get your team to rally behind you.  You need to understand sacrifice and perseverance.  You need to be a leader, even when you are down.  You need to be able to handle it when things don't go your way.  You have to realize that, even with the perfect pitch, sometimes you will be bested.  You deal with dizzying highs and brutal lows.  These are skills that ALL people need to be successful.  Julianne will teach you how to be a champion.  All the qualities that you need to be successful as a pitcher will make you successful in life. 

What is Julianne's Story?

As a young athlete, Julianne wanted nothing more than to be a pitcher.  Unfortunately, her first attempts at pitching were described by her father as "looking like a drunk stork."  Undeterred, Julianne went to her first camp at Hofstra University, exhausted herself, and returned with renewed determination.  Julianne retreated to her parent's basement where she spent thousands of hours practicing and wrote inspirational quotes all over the wall to motivate her every day.  She went on to become an All-County Athlete, the recipient of a Division I athletic scholarship, and an Academic All-American who was  instrumental in leading her team to win the MAAC conference her freshman year.  Julianne’s message to those interested in athletic excellence is  based on determination and perseverance, but very importantly on Nutrient Density and Nutrient Timing: two essential tools in PEAK ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE.  These proven tools are then combined with Havening/Hypnosis.  As a certified hypnotist for nearly a decade, Julianne has seen incredible athletic improvement in her coaching clients through use of this tool. Her Triple-Threat message is changing lives and offering new hope to those seeking assistance with their athletic pursuits.   Julanne is a gifted and sought after speaker and coach, whose proven methods are enhancing athletic performance and offering incredible alternatives to those seeking immediate improvement. 

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