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True Athletic Potential consulting, speaking, seminars and workshops

True Athletic Potential

"My daughter's session with Julie was so much more helpful than I could have imagined. My daughter has shown improvement with her academics as well as showing more confidence in her ability as an athlete. Teenage girls have a lot of pressure these days and Julie helped my daughter feel better about who she is. Thank you, Julie!" - Jeanette Hickey

True Athletic Potential Consulting

Most athletes don't achieve what they are actually capable of.  True Athletic Potential is a groundbreaking program and book that addresses all of the major elements affecting athletic performance. It is designed to help everyone from professional athletes to complete novices.  Athletes that become a part of the True Athletic Potential Program (TAP) will understand the following:

  • What nutrients are and how they affect performance  
  • How and when to hydrate
  • How to overcome mental barriers 
  • How learning style affects mechanics
  • Appropriate cross-training
  • Injury prevention
  • Optimal recovery from tough workouts

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Learn how you and your team can achieve True Athletic Potential through seminars, workshops, consultations, or by reading Unleash your True Athletic Potential.  Contact us for more information.